Anti-ageing Skincare Tips

Can you prevent ageing?

Skincare products are forecasted to account for more than 60 percent of the total cosmeceutical product demand in 2010, and the demand for anti-aging products is growing at twice the rate of other cosmeceutical products (Prakash & Majeed, 2009). 

Long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation has been known to produce numerous skin changes commonly associated with ageing. Ageing is a natural process and will eventually occur to each one of us. Even though ageing cannot be entirely prevented, premature ageing (ageing that occurs earlier than expected) does occur sometimes and can be prevented and further delayed using anti-ageing & anti-wrinkle creams and products. Read on to find out more. 

What happens during the ageing process?

The skin decreases in volume due to the thinning of the outer, inner, and some of the protective fat layers of the skin. Overtime, there is less insulation and padding in the skin, skin reduces its ability to act as a protective barrier against the environment and production of oils is reduced, making it difficult to keep the skin moist  (Velarde, 2017). Less oil production means less moisture which means drier skin and more visible wrinkles and fine lines! Key takeaway? Keep your moisture levels high! To learn and understand more about the skin barrier click here

Read on to understand more about signs of ageing and key anti-ageing ingredients we uncovered just for you. 

Signs of ageing 

Skin changes could occur due to nutrition, environmental changes, and genetics among other things. Changes to the skin are some of the most visible signs of ageing. They include:

  1. Increased wrinkles and fine lines
  2. Sagging skin
  3. Sunken look
  4. Decreased pigment-containing cells 
  5. Paleness
  6. Reduced elasticity
  7. Reduced ability to maintain body temperature 

Here’s how you can start caring for your skin and delaying the ageing process:

7 ingredients to look for when buying anti-ageing & anti-wrinkle creams

Anti-aging creams are notorious for saturating the market so we know it can be difficult to pick one when almost every anti-aging face cream out there looks promising. Here are 7 anti-ageing ingredients to look out for:

  1. Vitamin C aids collagen production. Shop Uncover skincare vitamin C sheet masks here
  2. Squalane fights skin damage and free radicals that accelerate the ageing process. Shop our anti-aging Neulii Natural Squalane Desertica Moisture Cream here
  3. Peptides slow down ageing, reduce wrinkles, and boost collagen. Shop Uncover Neulii Cica-Pepta Repair serum here
  4. Niacinamide reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Shop our Niacinamide 10 Brightening Ampoule here
  5. Retinol boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  6. Hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

PS: Coupling these ingredients with sunscreen is key to a protective and preventative skincare routine.Our in-house skin therapist Joyce Waiharo can help you build a skincare routine and navigate your options based on your skin goals. Book your one-on-one consultation here

6 tips to delay and prevent premature ageing

  1. Build a skincare routine 

Adopt a skincare routine consisting of a cleanser, treatment serum with active anti-ageing ingredients, moisturiser and SPF 30+. Need help building your personalised Uncover skincare routine? Take our skin quiz or check out our beginner’s guide here.

  1. Wear sunscreen

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two to three hours. For more UV protection, wear protective clothing such as hats when possible. 

  1. Eat a balanced diet

They weren’t joking when they said “You are what you eat.”  Here’s your cue to pack up on vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins, antioxidants and fibres to help your body reduce inflammation and fight off  skin damaging free radicals. Ditch the french fries, doughnuts, bacon, pastries and highly processed foods (okay, a treat once in a while won’t do much harm, but don’t make it your norm). 

It’s easy to say, but difficult to do, just keep in mind that what you put in your body will eventually reflect. Make good food choices, your skin will thank you. 

  1. Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water regularly can cause dehydration which tends to reflect on our skin over time. Drink 8 glasses or 2 litres of water every single day for best results. Hydration is everything, guys!

  1. Hit the snooze button

Sleep is essential to all body organs, particularly the skin. Sleep loss or deprivation can speed up the ageing process. Give your skin enough time to refresh and rejuvenate for 6 to 8 hours daily. 

  1. Move your body, every everybody 

Moderate exercise on a regular basis improves circulation to the skin cells, which helps nourish skin cells with adequate oxygen and nutrients. This improved blood flow also carries away waste products from the skin (Jaret and Gardener, 2011). Results? Healthier skin and you! 

Are there any anti-ageing ingredients that have worked well for you? Let us know in the comments below. 


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