Become a sheet mask expert in no time


When we said sheet masks were a global phenomenon, we weren’t kidding. According to our math, approximately 2 sheet masks are purchased every second!

A sheet mask is so easy to use, you can do it anytime, anywhere . It is an inexpensive alternative to going to a spa and you will have glowing skin in just 20 minutes.

  • Store sheet masks in the refrigerator: This brings your skin’s temperature down and will feel amazing after a long, tiring, hot day.
  • Prep your skin with a sheet mask before applying make-up: To minimize dry, cakey application.
  • Use the remaining essence: For extra love and hydration (on your face or another part of your body – we recommend neck, arms, and hands).
  • Do not use the same sheet mask twice: The efficacy of the formula will decrease and sheet masks are not made for multiple use.
  • Do not let the sheet mask dry on your face: Only use for the recommended 20 mins. This prevents the sheet from absorbing back the moisture it infused onto your skin.
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How to Sheet Mask

Pro Tip: Put your sheet mask on starting with the top of your forehead and work your way down. Carefully line holes over eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, smooth out any bubbles or bumps in an outward direction. You want the sheet mask to adhere to your face as much as possible to maximize absorption.