Why we created the “I Am Spotless” pimple patch.

When we started Uncover, we set an ambition to be people-powered in every decision we make at our company. We decided to talk to real women and understand their pain points and preferences to determine which products we bring, the formulations of those products, and our packaging.
My favourite anecdote that demonstrates how people-powered we are as a company is from when we received two versions of packaging designs for our pimple patch. One of our founding team members had a strong preference for one of the designs, but a survey of real women in Nairobi revealed the other one was more desired. What you see on the shelves today, has been vetted and chosen by you!
We talked to 100s of women in Nairobi and heard that acne was a real challenge. An even bigger pain point was the scars left by the pimples, and that’s exactly why we made the pimple patch. 
Acne can be caused by so many different internal and external factors – stress, gut health, hormones, environment, skin type, routine and there are many holistic strategies to prevent, manage and reduce acne.
However, as we did our research, we realised that one truly revolutionary Korean innovation that has taken the world by storm and helped millions of women around the globe – the pimple patch – just wasn’t here. We realised that this product was going to change lives and immediately started the product development process to make it the best possible version for us. 
The pimple patch is a simple transparent sticker that goes on top of your pimple. It is made from hydrocolloid – a complicated word to describe, but is the material of the sticker that has amazing gunk sucking technology. The hydrocolloid patch is barely visible on your skin, protects your pimple from the outside environment and over the 4-8  hours you wear it, sucks out the pus from a ripened pimple.

The game-changer in your skincare routine!

Thanks to this advanced innovation, you won’t pick or pop your pimples which ultimately leads to less scarring and reduced hyperpigmentation. For more benefits, we added two acne fighting ingredients into the hydrocolloid patch that shrink and heal the pimple faster; Salicylic acid  which penetrates deep into skin unclogs the pores and weakens acne bacteria and Centella asiatica which reduces inflammation and redness. The two work hand in hand to deliver results in hours! 
We are so excited for you to try this product – it’s a simple proven solution to a problem we all experience – but the magnitude of its convenience and healing benefits aren’t truly felt until you stick it on your ripened pimple and don’t pick it, within 4-8 hours, you see the ingredients at work! You will, as promised, affirm “I Am Spotless!”

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