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The Differences Between Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is commonly confused with dry skin with the two terms being used interchangeably in many cases. Dry skin is a skin type, rather than a condition, characterized by reduction in sebum production from the oil producing glands in the skin. Whereas dehydrated skin basically lacks water content, but can ultimately lead to over […]

How to care for dry sensitive skin

What causes dry sensitive skin? You know you have sensitive skin when your skin has a higher tendency than average to react to products. Sounds familiar? This happens when the skin barrier is weaker, making irritants penetrate your skin easily. You can have sensitive skin whether you have oily, normal, dry, or combination skin – […]

Anti-ageing Skincare Tips

Can you prevent ageing? Skincare products are forecasted to account for more than 60 percent of the total cosmeceutical product demand in 2010, and the demand for anti-aging products is growing at twice the rate of other cosmeceutical products (Prakash & Majeed, 2009).  Long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation has been known to produce numerous skin […]